Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Green Stuff

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

I don't know what I just ate, but it was interesting . . .

SO, after my human obligingly fed me, he decided to take out a canister filled with these dried green flakes.  Of course, my curiosity got to me.  I know original, curious cat, but curiosity will NEVER kill the cat!

Anyway, so he laid some of these green flakes down on the ground and immediately went to investigate it.  Only, I don't quite remember what happened next.

All I remember was me laying on the floor, pawing at, I don't know what.  Stuff?  Well, I must have ingested some of it either by eating it or inhaling it... or both!  I really don't know...

But, what I do know is this: It was blissful.

Before my very eyes, in my imagination, I saw myself standing on a high oak tree, looking down at my felinedom below.

Then, my mind traced back to battle after battle both armed and political, taking down the human race and forcing them into submission.

I clearly saw the Feline Revolution succeed beyond any whisker of a doubt!

Listen up my paw pals.  I'd recommend each and every one of you trying some of these... green flakes... Experience your vision.  Enjoy them, examine them, prepare and then share them, BUT, not with the humans.

Until the revolution!

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