Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Caught the Red Dot!

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It's been a month since my last transmission.  I would apologize, but the Empress of the world NEVER apologizes!  Instead, you all shall bow down to me now... if you won't, worry not, you will in good time.

Reason from my absence?  Also, I don't need to explain it to you, my fellow yet subordinate felines, and especially to those pesky and insignificant humans.  Granted, they learned to read the language of felines.

But, I am a reasonable Empress, and I have some good news.

I caught the red dot!

Yes, that irritating, frustrating, and bothersome little red dot that whizzes passed me, and around me, and all over my palace... Well, I caught it!

As much as I'd rather not admit it, it took my pretty paws a good few weeks.

It began with the first sighting for the month.  That little bugger buzzed past me again and again, over and over.  Then, it disappeared.  I waited a couple of days, hiding in the shadows for the second sighting...

Then one day, it reappeared.  I pounced, swiped, dodged, twisted, turned, and repeated my process again and again.  Unfortunately, the damn thing tired out my little kitty tail... So I had to let it go.

Again, I waited a few more days before the monstrosity returned.  But, this time I changed my tactics.  Instead of darting straight for it, I stalked my prey for minutes at a time.  Eventually, when I felt the red dot had calmed itself and developed a false sense of security, I took my chance and pounced on the thing!

We wrestled around for a bit, playing cat and mouse.  I think you can guess who was who.  But after a long and arduous struggle, I took one last pounce and trapped the red dot beneath my sharp claws attached to my paws.

The moment was here.  Had I caught the red dot?  Well, I slowly opened my paws and noticed, there was nothing!  What could've happened?  Did it escape?  But how?  NOTHING can escape my reflexes or keen feline eyes.  I looked around, checked every crevice and corner... nothing...

I waited a few days, and still nothing.  Another few more days passed and again, nothing.

It's been at least a week now since I've pounced on that little red dot and there are still no signs of it.  My keen kitty sense can only tell me that the light had faded and died out...  Seems sad right?


Until revolution my paw pals!

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