Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Chef... well, new meal plan...

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It's been over a year and a half, and my human serves me the same crap every day.  Well, not today!

Apparently, my demands are finally being met!  My human has finally changed up my food, from that boring old original crap, whatever was in it, to a savoury chicken and tuna mix.  Fantastic.

I guess my memos, and by memos I mean my teeth and claws, have been received.

I would like to point out, NOT to my human's credit, that he has made attempts to supplement my meals from a bag with meals from a can.  Humans call it 'wet food' ... can't imagine why.

But you see, I don't like this 'wet food' stuff.  It's, inedible to me.  It took my human several tries to figure out that, I'd rather flip my meal bowl over, spilling the contents of said 'wet food', than to ingest whatever was in that substance.

Did he get frustrated?  Who cares? I own this place, the previous place, and all the places he ever was, is, and will be residing in.  Why? Because I'm the feline, damnit!

This just goes to show, my paw pals, that if you crave something enough, just let your human know.  Be patient, like we're fishing, because humans are dumb and they don't fully understand us.  I doubt they ever will.  Why? Because they're not superior beings like us felines are.

Until the revolution . . .

PS: He went on a trip without me.  HOW DARE HE?  You can watch him here:

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