Thursday, September 4, 2014

If it's Cushy... I sits!

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So, here I am, doing my own kitty thing, and my human decides to clean some stuff out of the closet.  Naturally, I am curious as to what is behind those big, sliding doors.  Well, nothing of great interest really.  Just some boxes and cotton mattresses he some times wears over his skin.  I think humans all them, clothes.

Anyway, my human is chucking some of these mattress out of the closet and onto my floor.  Narrowly missing me, I might add.  He's lucky he doesn't meet my paws with claws more often!  But as he's emptying this closet, he promptly picks up these uncomfortable cotton mattresses and hangs them up somewhere.  Why?  I don't know.  Must be a human thing.

THEN, comes the golden mattress.  He tosses a nice, soft, plush mattress, not made of cotton, onto the ground.  Obviously, the thing was set down for me.  So what do I do?  I promptly set my fury tail on it.  It was quite comfortable actually.

My human immediately looks me in the eyes.  My first thought was, "How dare you look at me!  BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR EMPRESS!"  But How could one be so wound up on such a soft mattress?  My human sighed, and I wondered why. (actually, I couldn't care less).  But what does he have to complain about?  He has food, water, shelter, and the best empress the world has to offer!

Some times, I feel these humans are just too needy...

Until the revolution my felines!

BTW: He has posted yet ANOTHER video diary of himself.  (Like he could keep such secrets from me!)  Apparently, he's talking about food...

It can be viewed here:

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