Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Training? I think NOT!

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One of the things my human likes to do is spend hours on his computer conquering some world I've never even heard of.  I some times spy on his screen, watching as his forces of infantry and tanks battle against another causing nothing but destruction and mayhem.  Some times, he even conquers the galaxy using large spaceships that travel between planets and star systems.  Could this be some kind of training regiment to prevent the feline revolution?  I think not!

Tug my tail if I'd let my human train endlessly to thwart my plans of becoming the Empress of the World.  My solution?  Simple.  I hop up on his lap and demand his attention!  Sure he tries to subdue me with a pleasant little each scratch, but that will not stop me from capturing his attention!

A few orders, well meows to his ears, and he stops what he's doing and tends to my needs.

Good human.

Interrupting his training regiments will only add confusion and discourse to his readiness.

Fellow felines, I suggest you practice this method on your humans who may appear to be practicing to battle our whiskers...

Until the Revolution!

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