Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Brush

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As I've said before.  EVERY feline should own a human.  Why?  Because of: THE BRUSH!

That's right my paw pals.  The brush is an amazing service a human can provide.  Of course, you'd have to train them on how to use it.  Fortunately, my human, being a natural feline servant that he is, was able to use it and brush my soft, beautiful fur, allowing me to be hairball free.

Now, training your human on how to brush you correctly can take time and patience.  Don't be afraid to use your teeth and claws, if your human strokes you incorrectly.

To those few 'literate' humans... always brush with the flow of the fur, NEVER against it!  I don't even know why I've sent out a PSA to humans... they're too dumb to read.

Anyway, if you're lucky, you will have multiple humans grooming/serving you.  Some times, my human has a friend over who knows their place!  They immediately go for the brush and I'm there ready to be serviced!  Well, actually they walk over to me because, why should I go to them?

Being hairball free keeps my tummy chill, giving me more room to eat.  I also don't have to go through the painful process of coughing up said hairballs.

My fellow felines... when we take over the world, we still need human beings... just make sure they're docile and very subservient!  After all, why strain our necks to do work these lesser beings can do for us?

Until the revolution!

Note: I've started a YOUTUBE channel and I'll be uploading videos every once in a while... possibly every week (as long as I have entertaining content)  Feel free to view me FIRST video at:
Enjoy! :)

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