Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Is Mine

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So, my human was taking things out of the crinkling, plastic bag.  He then proceeded to set the bag down for a moment.  Naturally, I declared it mine.  I settled myself into the bag and watched as he continued to unload the contents of it.

Well, apparently he got frustrated because he wanted to relocate the plastic bag.  Clearly, he thought he still had ownership of it.  Guess again, human.

He pleaded with me in his primitive language, but I just ignored him.  He has no power!

Eventually, he gave up and decided to wrap an object within a large piece of paper.  First, he unrolled a nice length of that paper and cut that piece off and set it on the ground.

By this time, I was bored with my plastic bag and decided to claim this new, colourful piece of paper.  So, I plopped myself on this new cushion and watched as he went about his unimportant business.  He stared back at me and sighed.  "What are you sighing about?"  I asked.

Of course, his dumb brain didn't understand a single word I uttered.  So again, I ignored him.

When will these humans learn?

Life is simple.

Everything is mine.

End of story.

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