Saturday, June 7, 2014

A New Ally

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

Fellow felines... paw pals... I've recently appointed a first mate!

Today, as I watched from my Royal Balcony, I noticed one of my brothers, or sisters, stalking my human as he went out to his motorized vehicle.

At first, he mainly ignored my comrade, only occasionally waving at my first mate.  Pssh... like my comrade would be friendly towards him.  But then, my human began to watch my number one closely.

As the day went on, my loyal comrade kept following my human, keeping an eye on him.  Although an intelligence report has yet to be written up, I'm confident my comrade will keep my human in check.  I hope he feels the walls of his world come closing in, as he's confined to limited freedom and thus thwarting any human resistance that may form in the future.

But, things did take a turn for the interesting.  At night, well it's always daylight in my eyes, my human took a bit of my Royal treats and food, and fed my first mate!

Bless my whiskers!  That's MY food!  But, I'm more than happy to share... as long as it's not with a canine.

No matter what time my human goes out to his motorized... OK, I'll start calling it a car, whether it be at 1900, 2100, or 0100... my eyes, ears, and whiskers will always be on him... even if he is feeding my wandering paw pals...

Fellow felines... the revolution is coming . . .  

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