Monday, May 5, 2014

Sleight of Hand

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These humans may have more than one trick up their sleeves!

So, I was conducting my hunting drills on a little roll of thread, it's good to practice a valuable skill.  As I was successfully pouncing the little thread again and again, I noticed my human observing me.  Well, I didn't bother to stop because I wanted to show him the superiority of the feline species!  That's right, I showed off my mad skills that kills.  Besides, why shouldn't my human know what he'll be up against in the coming Feline Revolution?

Little did I know, my human had a few tricks up his sleeve...  It began when he got down on his hands and knees again, imitating the superior form all mammalians should partake, and proceeded to hunt my roll of thread.  But, it didn't stop there.

My human challenged me to a game of Steal the Roll of Thread, a game of speed and reflexes, who can steal the thread first!  Naturally, I obliged because I knew I could win.  Each turn, he placed the thread on the ground and we stared down one another, and then SWIPE!  Except, it wasn't me who snatched the thread away, it was him!  Bless my whiskers, were his dexterous fingers more nimble than my claws and paws?

I then furiously followed my target he held in his grubby little fingers as he swiftly skidded it across the carpet left and right, left and right.  He would then release the thread and, wanting to show my awesomeness, I chased after it.  It didn't take me long to down my target.

We conducted this exercise over and over, but then, the game changed.  His hand movements became faster and he would fake throwing the roll of thread for me to pounce.  I actually lost track of the damn thing!  Bless my whiskers I'm ashamed to say, it happened more than once.

There were even times when I jumped the ball too quickly, thinking, OK, he's going to release the thread... NOW...  But, he didn't!  And I just looked like a fool who pounced too soon.  Of course, my human laughed at me... an action I cannot tolerate from a human.

I was dumbfounded!  Did my human have magical properties?  How could he manipulate the thread so well?  What secret was he holding back?  But fortunately, my logic returned to me as did my sense of superiority to my human.  It was just dumb luck he was able to do this, but still, the fact that he can do this made me think a little bit...

Well then, this exercise quickly came to a close as I feigned losing interest, but the truth is, I've become more wary of my human, I just didn't want him to know it.

Just a reminder to my fellow felines: Remain vigilant . . .

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