Friday, May 2, 2014


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

It's been quiet around here... a little too quiet...almost eerie quiet...  My whiskers sense something sinister is brewing...

The other day, my human slave stepped out onto my Royal Balcony, a place from which upon I look down at the world that'll soon be all mine.

Upon seeing this, I immediately ran out after him to remind him that this territory was mine, as was the world.  Little did I know that after my human had stepped out, he reactivated the forcefield.  By forcefield, I mean the invisible barrier that separates my Command Center/Royal Palace to my Royal Balcony.  It's a defense mechanism that slides left and right.  At the moment, my human has sole control over the thing... but that'll soon change.

Well, as I ran towards to yell at my human, my head smacked right into the forcefield, WHAM!  It didn't hurt, I'm tougher than that, but the barrier caught me off guard.

I saw my human turn around and begin to laugh!  What the deuce?  How dare he laugh at my precious fur!  It was a good thing he immediately opened the forcefield and rubbed my head, otherwise I would've had to have showed him the back of my paw!

Afterwards, I jumped passed his canisters of compressed, carbonated drinks and looked out into the world that will soon be mine...

Until the revolution my fellow felines!

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