Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

Bless my whiskers!  Guess what happened to me the other night?  So unforgivable!  But, first, allow me to meow some...

As you may know, my fellow paw pals, the Feline Revolution is coming soon, very soon... and battle plans are being drawn as we speak.  But, while we're sharpening our claws and awaiting that first strike, we must study our enemies, our oppressors.

So, as I've mentioned months ago, my human prides himself on having great night vision... very odd for a human to have.  When night settles and all of the lights are out, my human still has the ability to track my every movement... unacceptable! 

Part of my plan to have humanity submit to the felines, is to have them second guess their... abilities.  So, I've sacrificed myself for you, my fellow felines.  I waited until my feeble human shut down his computer, upon which he spends hours upon hours on talking with other humans, discussing battle plans of various sorts, something called League?  Anyway, the lights were already out, he likes the darkness, and as he got up out from my second throne, the swiveling computer chair, I silently ran in front of him and plopped myself down comfortably.

The downside of my action was that he stepped on my tail.  Yes my TAIL!  Can you believe it?  Bless my whiskers, the pain! I hissed and told him that he's a blundering idiot and shall be punished!  Naturally, he treated me to my favourite treats and apologized, like a good, subservient human should!

Well, it didn't end there.  That night, as he turned in for bed, I sprawled myself all across the center, taking up as much space as I can.  He sighed and asked me to move, but budge I did not!  Nope, my tail was here to stay!

So, for that night, my human slept on the floor... but I did ensure he was aware of my large, round, glaring cat eyes staring down at him, as he occasionally glanced up at me.

Soon... my human, soon... I thought in silence . . .

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