Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

Invaded, again!  This time by two more people.  I think my human was sharing the intelligence on my palace.  One of his human companions, a dude with a bushy face, even tried to lure me in for a pet.  Meow!  Not by the whiskers of my chin... wait, that's what the pig said...

Anyway, so far the best tactic I've used was to simply stare them down.  I dare not show these human my full potential, ie, my sharp claws, teeth, and expert pouncing ability.  No, that'll be shown when the Feline Revolution happens!  Rule of War: Never let the enemy know your strengths and weaknesses... it'll allow them to devise a plan to circumvent your abilities.

But bless my whiskers, these humans keep coming and going.  When will I ever get a moment of peace and continue drawing up my plans for the revolution?  Instead, I'm fighting preemptive strike after preemptive strike . . . I guess it's good practice and it looks better on myself to show my fellow felines that the humans are no match and can be chased away.  Besides, the leader of the free feline world needs to show she can take the fight to the humans.

Well, after I chased off my human's companions, I decided I needed to punish him.  So, what did I do?  Meow... Meow... Meow...

That's right, I shouted at him until he gave me some treats as payment for my inconvenience!  Good human...

Till the revolution!

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