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GODZILLA (2014) Review

Film Review:  GODZILLA

Thought about creating another page dedicated to film reviews... however, I don't attend the cinema very often.  So, I'll just pretend Becket saw the film (Even though I'd have no idea what she would think because I'm not a cat).  So, scratch that idea.  ONTO Z REVIEW!

Today: Godzilla (2014).

I won't write about some of the technicalities, realism, or anything of that nature.  I go to the cinema to be entertained.  If I wanted something real, I'd watch the History Channel, Discovery, or the Food Network (Awesome channels btw)  Besides, this is just my opinion.

P.S.  This may be a little bit of a PG-13 review (meaning innuendos will be included) because a regular review has already been done so many times.

I've always been a fan of monster films.  Pacific Rim, is by far one of my most favourite.  Large creatures known as the Kaiju versus the colossal, manmade Jaegers, fight to the death in epic combat.

Godzilla has always been one of my favourite monsters, probably due to the fact that it's a giant creature that wrecks havoc in large cities as humanity desperately tries to subdue it.

I've been waiting for a good Godzilla film since seeing the original Japanese version back when I was a kid.  Let's not discuss the Matthew Broderick, (1998), Godzilla film, however I will reference it... once.

Honestly, I was skeptical spending the $10 bucks to watch this film.  (Actually, I paid $7.75, yay for matinees, eh?)  But I've heard great things about the new Godzilla and had to see for myself what the hype was about.

The film begins, well, I won't spoil anything.  I'll just tell you how I felt.

First, character introductions were done fairly well.  It gave a little bit of a back story.

Then, about fifteen minutes into the film, comes the real deal.

Godzilla (2014) did a good job at the foreplay portion.  Watching the film as the creatures make their way to the battlefield, San Francisco), you had a sense of thrill and a tingling sensation as you knew an epic battle was about to happen.  The whirling blades of hovering helicopters and the sound of fighter jets breaking the sound barrier made me feel, "Wow, they're preparing for the apocalypse".

The action starts off in the distance.  Gunfire and explosions erupt on the mountain sides as civilian onlookers watch in terror and curiosity.  We know we're going to soon dive into the center of the chaos, but as I've said, this film performed foreplay very well.

As the film progressed and we got closer to the action, I personally felt those scenes were too short and not the grandeur fights I thought they would be.  The monster battles weren't as epic, but still pretty cool, as I'd hoped nor was the feeble attempts of the military to make a dent in any of the creatures' skin or exoskeleton or whatever their outer layer of tissue was made of... (Obviously, the creatures were naked because they're monsters and not talking/thinking/problem solving sentient beings like humans)  So there's your porn... pervs...

There was a small time where the CGI department seemed to have been on a lunch break when they rendered a fight scene... It was like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, all over again (Bathroom scene.  Like, really?  Props might as well have taped real blades onto Logan's knuckles).

I found the beginning, the rising action to be enjoyable.  However, I felt the film failed at the climax.  Great foreplay but when it finally came down to business, the action was dodgy and the ultimate release wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be.  (My profile pic is a cat.  So, unless you're into beasti... you know what?  I'm not even going to engage on that topic.  Eww...)

Don't get me wrong.  Overall, I found the film to be highly entertaining and I enjoyed it.  I simply had higher hopes and expectations of it that weren't met.  Like I said, this review is completely my opinion.

One thing I did enjoy very much was that it's great to have a Godzilla film where the MONSTERS DO MORE DAMAGE to the surrounding cities as opposed to the human military doing all of the destruction (Reference Godzilla 1998).  Told ya I'd reference it.  But yes, look back at the 1998 Godzilla and you'll quickly realize that the military destroys most of New York as Godzilla tip toes around skyscrapers and houses and everything else.  That should NOT have been the case.

Would I recommend Godzilla?  Actually, yes, I would.  I'm hard to please when it comes to the following film genres:  Comedies, Sci-Fi, and Monsters.  Action and Adventure films are hard to go wrong... unless it's Indiana Jones 4, which I've already forgotten the rest of the title...

Godzilla (2014) is a worthwhile film to see, even if it's only once.

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