Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Her Hair is on Fire!

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog.

Bless my whiskers, her hair is on fire!  Or so I thought. . .  I've never seen a human with red hair.  I mean, felines are one of the most diverse beings in the world with all different sizes, shapes and fur colours, including orange, but hair that's red?  On any creature on my world?  No way . . . and it was like the fire followed her wherever she went!

Well, after that shock had passed, another followed.  My human and this new being decided to play the staring game with me... she stared at me with her piercing blue eyes and him with his dark, soulless dark brown eyes . . . Unnerving?  Meow, they can't break me!

But then, came the stalking game.  The two of them crouched down and followed my tail.  Sometimes closely, and some times from afar . . . Why on earth, would two humans get on their hands and knees, and follow me around my Feline Palace?

Oh no . . .  have they figured out my plans for the Feline Revolution and are following me to find my battle plans!

Meow humans!  It's all on my head, because I have great memory, and thus my plans will never be revealed!  HA!  Take that! 

The number of humans intruding on my space, my palace, is becoming absurd!  Sometimes it's just my human, but there are times where there would be two, three, four at a time!  But I have no fear, I just simply watch and study them, learning their weakness. 

After all, her Empress (me) needs to be a master of knowledge of the human race.

I will never whisker my secrets . . . So follow me around all you want!  You will never know when the Feline Revolution will begin, or how it will be conducted!

Until the Revolution, my paw pals . . .

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