Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

I've decided to begin implementing one of my many plans of world domination.  These humans stand no chance of resisting the Feline Revolution and I will be named Empress of the Felines!

As I was studying my human slave, I noticed he was looking at pictures and videos of my kinsmen, my poor and entrapped whisker buddies... but worry not, I will soon lead the revolution that will free all of you from human oppression!

So, phase one of the plan goes as follows:  Seduce these human oppressors with cuteness!  Yes, I said it, cuteness.  That means, when the time comes, in order to catch the humans off guard, we must all widen our eyes and pull back our ears, creating an unforgettable and irresistible stare of fuzziness at the humans.

Of course, this plan will work if my human slave didn't also have a flailing love for the feline nemesis... Puppies . . . Bless my whiskers, why would you stare at those ghastly creatures?  Well, the moment I caught my human slave watching videos of those grizzly little beasts, I immediately grabbed his attention, by jumping on his lap and staring into his eyes, telling him: STOP LOOKING AT THE ENEMY AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

It didn't take much effort on my part as my human slave immediately began giving me all of his attention and did my bidding.  See fellow felines?  All it takes is a cute stare... and phase one has been set.

Further planning and instructions will come, but until next time Paw Pals... you know what to do.

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