Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Unexpected Guests

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

He says he's entertaining guests, but I see it as an introduction to my future slaves.  From time to time, more humans would show up at my palace.  Some with long hair, and some with short hair, but all will soon bow down to me and acknowledge me as the Empress of the world.

Of course, because I have no bodyguards, I must take caution and remain in the shadows.  Some of these new humans, especially the ones with long hair, have a tendency to want to introduce themselves to me.  At least I get them on their knees as they approach me, but watch out!  My claws are still as sharp as ever.

The one thing that frightens me is how diverse humans are.  I've seen them with all kinds of hair colour, eyes, and clothing. Why, they're almost as diverse as my fellow felines!  It makes me think, are they similar to my brothers and sisters?  Could it be that the human species vary just as much as mine does?  Bless my whiskers this could get confusing, but no matter, they're all still, only human.

It doesn't help that my current human slave always calls me by my human name, Beckett . . . and encourages me to meet my new possessions.  But that's OK, I'll come out when I feel like it.

In the meantime, I just stare at these newcomers, forcing my will upon theirs.  When they're not looking, lurk around the dark shadows, watching their every move, studying them, learning what I can do to bring them under my rule.

Eventually, I'll grace them with my presence and allow them to lay their hands on my precious fur.  Little do they know I will be the last fury whisker they think of as a 'pet'.

I've come a long way since being prisoner 0-4-6-5-9, and I still have some ways to go, but I'm making great progress.

The feline revolution will soon begin!

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