Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I lay where I want!

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

So there I was, just laying on the floor, why?  Because I own 

the whole house!  That's why.  So my slave is walking around

making these paw-awful melodies in his own language.  I think

he's doing what human peons call, singing... awful ruckus!  If my

whiskers could cover my precious ears I'd make it so!  Anyway, he

comes around the corner and stares at me.  So what did I do?  Why

stare back of course!  I'm like: What...

He then proceeds to utter some inaudible words, so I just lick my

precious fore-paw and go right laying back down.  Guess what 

happened next?  He sighed at me!  Like, seriously dude?  It's MY

house!  And you're nothing but my human slave!  Bless my whiskers

that I had the strength and the will to hold back from extending

my razor sharp claws and showing him a thing or two!  He 

eventually got the message that THIS was MY domain and he walked

around me.

Well, that wasn't enough for me.  I had to mess with him.  So 

what did I do?  I take my fury self and made my presence known!

Wherever he walked, I made sure I dashed forward, get in front of

him, and plop myself down on the soft carpet.  BAM!  Take that

human slave!  Now who's boss?

Of course, all he does is sigh, utter some meaningless words, and

move around me.  Of course, because I'm the Empress... and you

just wait human, til the Feline Revolution comes around the 

corner and I have dominion over this world!  Come my fellow paw

pals, let us begin the revolution! ... not yet though...

I think it's about time the world sees who their next Empress is going to be!

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