Sunday, December 29, 2013


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

You won't believe what happened to me.  So my personal human 

slave went out to the balcony.  I like to take my tail out there

from time to time because it's a great place to think.

Anyway, he opened the sliding door, got some bubbly drink, that

makes my whiskers jump every time he opens one of those red, 

vermilion, or light blue cans, and as he was closing the door, 

he caught my neck!  Can you believe that?  He tried to 

decapitate me!  Bless my whiskers that I escaped by my paws, but 

still.  He should have been paying attention to me!  The future 

Feline Emperor...  Oh sure he scratched my head, back, and the 

base of my tail, gave me treats and fed me a mountain's worth of 

food, but little does he know that after I take over the world, I

shall return the favour...

Speaking of the Feline revolution, I've had a few setbacks. I've 

encountered a couple of my brothers and sisters, and we've 

discussed a plan.  First of all, we must gather all of the 

resources we can and overwhelm this region called the Pacific 

Northwest.  There are a lot of forests, caves, mountains, and 

hidden crevices for which we can mount a guerrilla style 

warfare... and at the same time ensure the human pigs don't use 

those places to gather for a counter-attack.

The plan is coming along nicely, despite these setbacks... but 

count the whiskers til the day comes when cats will rule this 


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