Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Throne

Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

As I've been roaming around my new command center, I've noticed

my soon to be fully enslaved human has presented me with my 

throne.  Good boy.  It's quite comfortable actually.  It's 

plush, soft, moon shaped and big!  Fit for a feline emperor like


The only annoying thing is, sometimes that man is sitting, well 

lounging, in my throne!  Bless my whiskers I hope he doesn't 

stink it up.  I mean he provides me with my own little box with 

sand to do my business... and I still don't understand why these

humans use a perfectly good bowl of water to do theirs, but 

whatever.  All I know is that, the throne is mine and he will 

one day be bowing down to me while I'm sitting in it.  I might 

have to discipline him with my claws...

Anyway, my new seat of power is coming in quite nicely I might 

say.  Things are looking up for me, despite the setback.

*NOTE* Yes the human wants to convey that this book he wrote titled: RESUAHAR, is still available on  Search for Resuahar  ... silly title if you ask me.

Until next time my fellow felines!

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