Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 24 - Well... Day 1 -

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Day 24 – Well… Day 1 -

It’s been three hours since the brunette let me out of that box.  I’ve explored much of this new prison, but under the watchful eye of the new warden.  At least I found a few potentially good hiding spots and the good new is, no plastic cell she could stick me in.  Kittytastic!
     I must admit, it’s nice having a roomier cell.  I’m going to think of it as more of a penal colony than a prison, which means I will soon make this colony mine!  King of the cats, absolute monarchy! Forget about being president of the feline revolution, I’m going to be emperor of the world!  I'm declaring this Day 1 of my new and gloriously looking life!
     Yes I have goals and the stupid humans just gave me a one paw up on my plans.  This is probably the best thing that’s happened to me.  Well, first I have to eliminate the warden and make sure no other prison guards enter my new domain.
     The warden is summoning me to follow her down my new royal steps.  MEOW!  Like I need to listen to her, well, maybe for now it’s best I play dumb.  OK, so I followed her downstairs and where does she lead me to?  The kitchen!  Sweet nibbles, I hope the food here is better than what they served me in the prison.
     I watched as my subject pour a generous portion of food.  Kittytastic!  It’s been quite a while since I was fed and… Wait… what if she’s trying to poison me?  What if this is my death sentence.  Lethal kitty bites.  No way, you taste it first!  Why are you staring at me and gesturing with your disgusting, unclean paws with overtly long mutated fingers?  You taste it first!
     Ah, bless my whiskers, I’m hungry enough and I might as well show that I’m a strong and powerful being, one to be feared!  Maybe I’ll lick it first.  Yep… tastes legit.  OK I’ll just dive right in and enjoy my well deserved feast!  At least the food isn’t as half as bad as what they served me in that prison.

     As I munch on these goodies I’m thinking about how good it would feel to be the emperor feline of the world.  Hmm… more of my plan for world domination is slowly settling into place!

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