Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 2

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Day 2 -

Well, I survived the first night in this new prison.  Yes, I'm back to it being a full blown prison.  Little did my whiskers know was that there was another warden, the night warden.  I knew these humans needed to sleep.  After all, they aren't creatures of the night like I am... but this one . . . this was is.
     So it all started while I was exploring what I was summoning up to be my new command center.  There he came bursting through the large white door.  I quickly took cover behind a mattress leaning against a wall.  No, I  wasn't hiding or scared, I was taking cover!
     Anyway, he came in, all 300 pounds of him, and waived a hello to the tall brunette.  They exchanged a few words, a few too many, and then he took up his shift for the remainder of the night while she slept.
     So this is the crazy part.  I know these humans generally have terrible night vision, I've experienced this myself!  However, this one . . . bless my whiskers... this one could see me with or without light.  I wonder how he does it?
     Anyway, I observed him carefully, gauging my new enemy, but what I've learned last night was, he's incredibly lazy... YES!  While the other warden was energetic in interrogating me and trying to find ways to engage me in various activities, this one seemed very content in just lounging around on the couch and watching the humans in the magical box.
     He didn't care much to examine me or pick me up or even get near me.  Interestingly, my curiosity for him began to rise.  Not that I'm interested in the human race, but could it be that my rise to becoming the Emperor Feline of the world would start with enslaving mankind?  Just think of it, without opposable thumbs we cats have a much harder time constructing great cities.  BUT!  If we have our human slaves to build our cities for us... Now that's a worthy endeavor.
     I've already tested it out too.  I marched up to the night warden and demanded to be fed.  Within minutes, he got up and provided me with a double ration's worth of food!  Fantastic!  By the way, he's more like 200 pounds but easily looks 300.

     Well, I guess I'll sleep very well tonight, even though this human's night vision is as good as mine.  At least I know I have him wrapped tightly around my paw!

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