Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 3

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Day 3 -

Why do human beings poop and pee in a perfectly good bowl of water is beyond me.  I've never understood that concept.  I mean not only are they wasting a valuable commodity they make an awful ruckus when they turn that little knob.  Bless my whiskers, it makes me jump every time.  Why can't they just dig a hole in the sand and conduct their business there?  Properly... cleanly.
     I believe I've made my two prison guards uncomfortable several times, but that's just a bonus for me.  Every chance I get, I interrupt their waste dumping activities.  I feel the discomfort in the air as their body freezes and they stare at me.  Many of times they tell me some words in their gibberish of a language, but I ignore them.  Nope, instead I'm staring right at them, telling them that they will soon become my slaves.
     Which takes me to another point.  Recently, they've began saying the word "Beckett" towards me.  I remember this word because they've been saying it often enough.  They would point at me with their grungy hands and say, "Becket" or they would stroke my silky tabby fur and again utter the word, "Beckett".  I have a feeling that they believe this word has become my name.  I guess it's better than prisoner 0-4-6-5-9, but that's not my name.  My name is... oh why bother trying to tell these humans my name, they wouldn't understand it anyhow.

     I guess I could start thinking this place as another prison and more of a half house... parole, yes.  My unlawful term must almost be up but more importantly, this is where the fallacy of mankind is the greatest.  They've given me the power, the resources, and furthered my will of conquering this world and becoming the Emperor of everything great and small.  Yes, my plan is still on and there's nothing that will stand in my way...

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