Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 23

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Day 23 –

It seemed like another ordinary day in prison, but little did I know today was the day that would change my life forever. 
It has been just over three weeks since I was put into this prison, and I didn't even know what my crime was, but what I do know was that my sentence was unlawful and unjust.  Now, I must deal with a different kind of sentence.
I saw her walk up to my cell and point at me.  She was a tall brunette with long, beautiful hair.  I admit I admired her hair despite her being a lowly human.  The prison guard looked at me and then back at her.  They exchanged a few words in their weird, incomprehensible language.
It’s a wonder how these humans were in control of the world with so many different ways of speaking and so many words and just the way they are.  It all must be confusing, too much to remember.  Why can’t they just keep it simple?  Why must they make everything so complex with them?
Anyway, I was picked up against my will and brought to the out processing room. The warden inspected me one last time and put me through this annoying scanner.  It beeped and then the warden gave the prison guard a go ahead to release me to the tall brunette’s custody.  Of course, before they handed me over to her, they shoved me in a box.  At least they had the decency to put air holes in it.
The tall brunette was handed the mobile cage I was in and whisked me away to the outside world.  Through the tiny holes I saw clear blue sky and smelled the fresh air of trees and grass.  The smell and sound of chirping birds hidden in those trees inspired my craving for the hunt, but being stuck in this box held me back and only depressed me.  Damn humans.
She placed me in the cargo area in the midsection of a red vehicle.  She powered the thing on but I didn't hear the engine start.  Before I knew it, we were rollin away to some God awful place, but at least it was away from that prison.  I had no idea where I was going and being the mature, independent being I was, I demanded to know where I was going.
Over and over I shouted at the human, but she ignored me.  In fact, I believe she shushed me a few times.  What the tuna?  Which reminds me, I sure could use some tuna right about now.

Anyway, no one shushes me!  The first chance I get, I’m going to show that female human who's boss around here.  Well, maybe not immediately because as the car pulled up to some residential place I got the feeling I was the guest.  She opened the car door, carried me into some large apartment and locked the large door behind her.  Bless my whiskers, this should be interesting.  

Tuna in next week for another post!  Every Sunday! (Unless otherwise noted)

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