Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Buffet!

Hello readers!

So here in Washington State I have ready access to two different Super Buffets, one in DuPont, WA and another in Lacey, WA.  Now, whether or not these buffets are part of a large chain, I do not know.  But what I do know is that these two buffets differ.  How do I know?  Through dining experience of course.  Now I'd like to point out that there is supposedly a third Super Buffet somewhere in Lacey, so that makes two Super Buffets in Lacey, WA.  Kind of overkill to me, but if it's getting business, why not?

I'll begin with the Super Buffet in Lacey, WA, the one I've visited.  Right off of Exit 111 along I-5, this Super Buffet is conveniently located and is easily spotted.  Coming off of the exit and going around the little roundabout, there's no way a potential customer can miss the giant red letters: SUPER BUFFET.  Parking in their lot isn't half bad either as it is spacious and there are many slots available outside of the buffet's own lot.

Entering the restaurant I was warmly greeted and escorted to my table.  After I take my seat and a quick order of Dr. Pepper, I'm off to fill my first plate.  There's a variety of Asian inspired foods (Note I say Asian inspired because the recipe has been modified a bit to satisfy the needs of American taste buds).  Having been Korea, Japan, and four different regions in China, all of which have different culinary cultures even the different regions in China, none of the foods offered in this buffet quite match up to what I've tasted before.  Of course, not being a culinary arts master myself, I don't quite know all the particulars, but I am a paying customer with travel experience!

The food selection at the Lacey Super Buffet has a wide array of selections.  From handmade sushi at the bar to the hot pizza along the lines, there is without a doubt the Super Buffet in Lacey has a bit of something for everyone.  Yes, pizza and sometimes chicken and breadsticks at a Chinese buffet, I've always wondered about that myself.

The food at this buffet, however, isn't all that it could be.  Much of the meat in the various stations was dry and the sauces flavorless.  Food sometimes ran out and it took the chef a little too long to refill the trays.  That's really about all I can say about this buffet.  Everything else was OK.

Now, onto the Super Buffet in DuPont, WA.  The location, not as well known and visible from the highway, but it is in a nice crossroads.  The Parking, well there's street parking that's close to the main entrance.  Other than that, there's an auxiliary parking lot in the back but is an additional one hundred food walk.  Oh no that's so terrible right?  No it's fantastic, no points lost there.

Entering the buffet gives you the same feeling as the other, a warm greeting, a quick seat to your table, and a order of drinks, then you're off to the lines.  They have the same basic selections with a few modifications here and there, but the one thing I did notice that was vastly different from the Lacey Super Buffet, the smell.  I didn't mention it about the Lacey one, but the smell wasn't horrible but at the same time it wasn't mouth watering.  Upon entering the DuPont Super Buffet, your stomach can't wait to begin digesting the first bites of food as your mouth salivates in preparation for the taste that is to come.

Your body isn't disappointed from the first bite to your last, the DuPont Super Buffet satisfies your taste buds every single bite, granted you're not eating something you're just not into and that's everywhere.  To each his own tastes, right?

It's hard to describe anymore differences between two Super Buffets except for the taste.  Reason being: Different cooks.  That's one of the largest varieties when it comes to buffet chains, which shall be an interesting review when I get to the Old Country Buffet.

I won't go further into the DuPont Super Buffet except to say: Overall, I'd choose the DuPont store.  From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave with a belly that's about to explode, the DuPont Super Buffet has it all, parking, taste, selection (same), and just overall satisfaction.

Lacey, WA Super Buffet vs. DuPont, WA Super Buffet:

Winner = DuPont Super Buffet.

Note: This is just my opinion from personal experience.  Your own dining experience could be very different, but we'll never know until you try!

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