Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buffet time!

Hello readers!

In my last post, I contemplated talking about being an adult and living an adult life.  However, I think I will not talk about that and instead briefly talk about buffets.

Throughout my life I've enjoyed many satisfying and happy meals at a buffet.  So which buffet is my favourite?  I really haven't thought about it and thus I have yet to figure that out.

So for this quick post, I will label a bunch of buffets I plan on going to:

Super Buffet - Several of them actually.
There's a Mexican buffet twenty minutes away from me.
Old Country Buffet <--- one of me favourite chains.
Chinese Main Buffet.
Todai, now that's a delicious place.

Five places and that's all off the top of my head at the moment.  Over the next two months or so I hope to eat all I can and drink very little, to leave room for more food in my belly.

Oh and I can't forget the buffets at various reservation casinos in my area.

Updates to my adventures in the land of infinite food… to come.

*Note: I have a new blog channel:  http://Lee-RB.blogspot.com that I will soon be posting chapters from one of my many novels I've written.  To my great sadness, Publishers and Literary Agents aren't picking it up for publication or representation, so in order to share this story I've decided to begin posting chapters on this new page of mine.  Hopefully it'll grab the attention of a publisher or agent and be officially published, that would be cool.  Until then!

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