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Battleship! The 2012 Movie Review


Hello readers.

I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for a long time, ever since the first trailer came out on IMDB in fact.  Well, here's my review on Battleship!  The movie, 2012.

After watching the "First Look" in the theaters at how the director supposedly commissioned real naval officers and seamen and women to partake in this movie, I had the feeling it would feel authentic and with a lot of action.  Each trailer that came out did have a lot of cool looking action sequences.

So my hype had been built up.  May 18 is the day the movie will come out.  Well, I wouldn't be able to see it until May 19 because part of being an adult is work and sometimes when you get off after a long 8 hour shift plus 30 minute lunch, so technically you're around your work building for 8 and a half hours, I don't feel like doing much but sitting back, relaxing, having some dinner, and prepare for stressor number two to boil my blood, GAMING.  But my feelings on n00bs, griefers, and general douche bags is for another time.

The movie started off much slower than I had hoped and throughout the two hours I sat in that relatively comfortable seat, I was basically unimpressed.

The battle sequences, as cool as they were, were all already shown in the previews and were too far and wide.  Much of the movie was pointless talking and failed attempts at eliciting the emotional response from the audience.  It's like the movie was setting itself up for an academy award, just with a sci-fi/action background.  Well, not much action at least.

Before I press on any further, here's my take on going to the movies.  I attend a wide variety of movie genres, mostly action and adventure because I have the patience to wait for the emotional romance and drama flicks to come out on Netflix.  Usually I like to go see action movies at the theaters because of the sound system and the special effects the studios worked on for endless hours is worth seeing on the big silver screen.

So I mainly go to the movies to be entertained and bedazzled by the cool action sequences and special effects.  Although I have attended the movies to dig deep into my less occurring emotional side, and in those cases I expect the movie to be sappy, comical, and make me feel emotions I may not have felt in a long time.

Going back to Battleship, I've found the movie to be a little bit too long with pointless chatter and one liners that just failed.  It was as if the writing tried to make it too funny, although the most humorous parts of the movies were the ones without said one liners.

The structure wasn't that smooth and there were instances where logic failed in the movie, such as, why would the aliens commence a ground strike in an area that wasn't relevant to the geography of the movie.

Unfortunately, I feel that the Navy's technical consultations with the movie was wasted.  Since when does the "captain" of a ship go off on "away missions".  What is this, Star Trek TOS and Captain Kirk goes down on planet with Spock , McCoy and a redshirt?  That's what it felt like to me the main character, played by Taylor Kitsch, served as a multi-role super soldier as opposed to an acting captain who's supposed to be giving orders.

Liam Neeson always gives an outstanding performance, but I'm a little biased because I just think Neeson is awesome kind of like how Sean Connery could decide he's a Russian Submarine Commander, an Agent for the U.S. Department of Treasure, or a Spaniard who goes to Scotland and asks "what is this haggis?"  The sad news is, Neeson's role in this movie is more as a supporting character and his screen time is very short.

Overall, I'd say to save your money and wait for this movie to come out on Netflix, but don't subscribe to Netflix just for this movie, it was kind of that bad.  Could it be because I had so much hype for the movie?  Could it be just a week ago I watched the Avengers and it's really hard to match the story, acting, humor, and action?  No I wasn't comparing the movie to anything, although the hype question could be a valid one.

The movie tried too hard to be awesome when instead of focusing on producing a quality movie, their pursuit of complete awesomeness caused the movie to flop.

The good news is, the movie ends and I don't see any way they could squeeze in a sequel.  Although, I'm all for second chances, but if that fails then STOP!

Have a nice day folks.

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  1. It's pretty much just Transformers on water, and it's not even that fun. There were occasional moments where it seemed like this flick was getting somewhere, but then it just fell apart and decided to get louder and louder. My ears were pretty much ringing by the end of that and that never happens to me at places, except for maybe concerts. Good review Lee.