Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Chapter of my developing book!

Hello readers.

So I've just posted the first chapter of one of my novels in development.  One of many because I sometimes have difficulty concentrating on one thing and tend to creatively think of something else.  Some people call it A.D.D.

Anyway here's the link to my story:  Lost Songs of Dragons: The Awakening.  You can also click the navigation link at the top or go to: Story Time!  Where I will soon be posting recaps, synopsis, or other things I haven't yet decided. 

Quick point of interest:

Today is Main China Buffet!

So before I went to see Battleship (check my previous post just down below), I enjoyed a belly busting meal at the Main China Buffet, across the street from the Regal Martin 16 Cinemas here in Washington State.

I'll be straight forward in this one.  The parking lots, well sucks as it's difficult to get in or out of and tall hedges create a traffic collision just waiting to happen.  But once you get past the narrow opening, you get to enter the decently sized building with mounds of food just waiting for you.

With the first step inside, an aroma of Asian inspired foods come whiffing across your nose, causing your mouth to salivate.  The lights are inviting and the initial greeting is standard and after a quick seat and order of drinks, it's time to fill my plates.

I started with a plate of fried rice, low mein, general tsao's chicken and teriyaki chicken.  But before I got a chance to sit down, I grabbed a second plate and filled it with sushi, kimchi, and boiled clams and oysters.  Yeah, I'm that kind of guy.

Then it's time to sit down and dig in.  Every bite is delicious enough to keep you wanting more.  The rice and lo mein is a perfect filler as the kimchi acts as the perfect side dish to balance out the spice level and bring another flavor into the mix.

Throughout the hour, I ate over three full plates, full plates meaning a mountain of food nearly toppling over the top and required balance to carry it back to the table.

Sorry for this quick, half-assed review but I have to go and this post was really to introduce the first chapter of my book, Lost Songs of Dragons: The Awakening.

Link here: LINK!

Comment reply to Dan O: I completely agree and totally didn't see that, but it was Transformers on water.  Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading, take care, be well, eat fruit, and remember to let your creativity fly.

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