Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oops, I almost forgot about the airport

I'm writing these blogs purely on memory right now.  In my infinite wisdom I didn't jot down my experiences and adventures as or the night after it happened.  Well, who can blame me?  I was having way too much fun and it's not like this is my job, just a fun hobby.

So we back track back to the airport.  Instead of flying out of Seattle-Tacoma International or Sea-Tac as some call it, Airport Code: SEA, I took the southern route and drove down to Portland International, Airport Code: PDX.  I must say, the drive down was much easier and peaceful.  Instead of having to maneuver through the I-5 Northbound corridor and weave between traffic through Fort Lewis, Tacoma, Federal Way, Fife, etc. the drive southbound was open and calm.  The only thing was I had to switch over from I-5 to I-205, but that's just a simple right turn and follow the road.

Arriving at Portland International was also a breeze.  Right off one of I-205's Exit, you're already on the road going straight towards the airport.  No twists and turns like some airports I've been to.  Traffic continued to be steady.  Stay in the middle lane, then take the left towards long term parking.

Once inside, the TSA Agents were polite and gentle.  Note not friendly because let's face it, being friendly isn't their job.  However, they were pretty humane.  (And yes, I've dealt with some pretty douchebag TSA agents, so I'm definitely not on their side) But Portland International's weren't so bad.  Quick, efficient yet thorough with little fuss, the way it should be through airport security.

Now, to the important part of this blog, the food.  As you can imagine, waking up early, driving two hours and having to go through about a half an hour through the airport, including security, one gets quite hungry.  Especially when he hasn't had anything, yet.  Many would not think: Oh, let's have a delicious meal at the airport, and that's exactly how I thought.  I wasn't expecting anything delicious, but just substance to fill my tummy.

Sadly, they did not have a McDonalds, so I settled for the first place I saw, a little place with a restaurant sign that for the life of me I cannot remember the name.  What I can tell you is where to go:  Go towards B Gate.  Once passed airport security, take a left and go past a wine stand.  Next to the electronics store yet before B gate, which is right there, should be the restaurant I'm talking about.  It has a sign that says "restaurant".

Now that, that's taken care of let's talk about the food.  I'm a sucker for biscuits & gravy, especially sausage gravy.  I love a good ol meal with biscuits & gravy with maybe some scrambled eggs and hashbrowns on the side.  Behold, this place had just that with ham.  The price was about $10 bucks, which is expected inside the terminal. However, what I did not expect was the portions.  For airport food that wasn't fast food, they dished out a decent size portion of it.

Yeah there it is... I made the mistake of diving right into it due to my hunger before taking a pic.

What even surprised me more was the taste.  With an added touch of pepper, the food tasted amazing.  Now I've taken in account for my hunger level and we all know that food tends to taste better when you're starving.  But, this was no exaggeration.  The biscuits were soft and fluffy and didn't mush quickly with the added gravy.  The sausage gravy, perfectly seasoned and wasn't too thick or soupy.  The same, hard to mess that up, was good.  The scrambled eggs, seasoned to perfection and weren't green.  The hashbrowns were cooked to a perfect, golden crisp and had the right amount of seasoning that didn't give it just the dull potato flavor but a tasty, crunchy side treat.  Overall, the breakfast meal was filling, delicious, and very surprising with the fact it was inside the airport.

Restaurant towards B Gate, take a left and past the wine stand: Approved.

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