Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 2 Flamingo's Paradise Garden Buffet

First, apologies to my random viewers and very few followers, for not posting yesterday.  I was a bit under the weather with a migraine and let's face it, if you've ever had the misfortune of experiencing a migraine... it, for lack of a better term, SUCKS!  I literally could not look at anything bright let alone a computer screen.

So we'll continue with Day 2, or better yet: Breakfast.

Location: Paradise Garden Buffet, Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, North America, Planet Earth, Sol Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.  Everyone clear on the location?  Good.

So a fun monorail ride from the MGM over to the Flamingo was a sweet deal.  All day pass for $12.00, can't get any better than that.

Originally the plan was to eat at the buffet at Caesar's Palace.  I mean, when you have the 24-Hour bracelet and Caesars Palace being one of the more expensive Hotel & Casinos on the strip, why not go for supposedly the best, yes?

Unfortunately, after a long walk around the beautifully carved hotel & casino floor of Caesar's Palace, their buffet was under renovation.  Well then, where to go?  I loved Planet Hollywood, but buffet twice at the same place when the bracelet offers many locations?

Across the street from Caesar's Palace was Flamingo.  It was the closest place, so why not right?

Stepping into the Hotel Casino seemed like your standard hotel & casino.  There were nice decorations, there's the casino floor which was half empty because it's 7AM in the morning and you have the people going out for brunch.

The line at the breakfast buffet was quite long.  Fortunately, I spotted the "express lane".  Normally these express lanes went for $15 bucks or so, practically the price of the buffet.  However, the Flamingo's breakfast buffet, known as Paradise Garden Buffet, express lane went for $5.  So what the heck, why not?  Already got the bracelet at a sweet deal, why not pay the $5 bucks and skip way ahead, and it was so worth it.

Entering the buffet you're surrounded by bright and warm colours.  From the wall decorations to the chairs and booths, the Flamingo buffet was very inviting.  But that's only the beginning.

After a quick order of coffee and juice, it's right to the lines.  The selection of food wasn't as grand as let's say, Planet Hollywood, but they had everything an American Breakfast had.  Scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns, corn beef hash, waffles, toast, muffins, cereal, Eggs Benedict, an omelet station and much, much more.

I gathered two plates and filled them all up.  I was going to test each item and figure out which ones I liked the best and then go back for my seconds targeting just those items.  I was pleasantly surprised to have eaten everything on both plates, a rarity when it comes to buffets for me.  Usually there's at least one dish I'm not too fond of and I'd set that aside to go into the bin, but not this round.  The eggs were perfectly seasoned as were the hash browns.  The Eggs Benedict, coated with the perfect amount of hollandaise sauce and spices on top.  The yoke ran down only to be scooped up by my toast that wasn't too crisp or too mushy.  It had the right amount of sponge in it.

The bacon, well it's hard to go wrong with bacon but I've seen restaurants fail.  The bacon, all 12 strips I had, bless my poor heart, was crisp, juicy, and far from boring.  The corn beef hash, perfect.  Not too try, not too salty, perfectly seasoned with the right amount of spices.

I've gone on about the food, hopefully it was enjoyable to read.  But I have to make a mention to the amount of customer service in that particular buffet.  The waitress was perfect.  You know the type where if it were a regular restaurant you'd want to tip her extra.  Even the stingiest of people would've tipped her generously.    She provided the right amount of service, not overshadowing or overbearing but also not neglectful.

I hate it when a waiter or waitress arrives just after you've taken a big bite out of something and they ask "Hey, how is everything?"  Or when they're just never around.  However, she seemed to come at the right moment.   I actually feel terrible for not remembering her name.  See this is what I get for not posting these blogs as they happened... and having that terrible migraine the night before didn't help one bit to jog me memory.  I want to say her name was either Gladys or Guadalupe.  Anyway, by far the best waitress I had in Las Vegas.  I doubt she'll ever read this, but if you do: I hope you personally pocketed that $5 extra bucks I left for you at the table.

Overall the breakfast buffet experience at Flamingo Hotel & Casino turned out to be a surprisingly delicious adventure.  I have to say I would definitely eat there again.

Flamingo's Paradise Garden Buffet:  Approved

Added Note: Don't forget to take a relaxing stroll just outside of the Paradise Garden Buffet in Flamingo's Wildlife Habitat.  They've got real, live birds of the casino's name: Flamingos.  As well as a couple of cute ducks of some breed wading around.  Hide in the shade or chill out in the sun, it's a nice way to burn off some of that extra weight you've just gained.

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