Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 1

So, the adventures will, maybe, might be posted day by day as I remember them happening, if I can remember.

Anyway, so I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday, March 18, 2012.  Stepping out of McCarran International and feeling the warm breeze brush against my face felt amazing compared to the chilled, nippy winds of Washington State.  But going from the Pacific Northwest to the desert will do that to you.

It was a smooth and sunny drive tot he MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where I stayed.  The lobby was beautiful, especially compared to some of the other casinos I would eventually step into, and the hotel was very polite, professional and helpful.  There was a small mix up with the type of room I ordered.  I had purchased a  package through Spirit Airlines, the best deal I had seen, and the site provided me with one of the MGM's newer rooms.  However, the hotel apparently didn't get the memo and said I had one of the older rooms.

After a quick proof of the package and all it entailed, the front desk quickly made the adjustment to the proper room.

But I won't write much about the amazing room in this post.  After a long flight I was more interested in one thing, the food I was going to eat.  Hearing where the best buffet was from a friend, I headed over to Planet Hollywood to check out their Spice Market Buffet.

A brisk walk from the MGM going north, Planet Hollywood was in sight.  I entered through the large doors, briskly walked through half of the floor and an escalator ride down, I arrived at the Spice Market Buffet.  At first glance I got a panoramic view of all of the stations the buffet offered.  Starting from the left they had Seafood, Salads, Asian, Italian, Soups, American, Middle Eastern, Mexican, a fantastic Desert Station and I may be missing one or two stations, but you get the point of the amazing diverse selections.

I purchased the all 24-hour bracelet for $44.99, a great deal if you're one to frequently visit buffets and eat your fill.  Once seated and drinks ordered, I could not decide which station to visit first.  All looked delectable, all smelled amazing, but where to start?  I quickly came to my senses and said, "It's a buffet man, just pick one and go!"  I didn't quite pick one.

I started with the Middle Eastern Station and picked up a bit from the Mexican and Asian, why not mix the spices right?  The first bite from the lamb skewer only increased the saliva in my mouth as my body wanted to take in every flavor the meat possessed.  I hadn't tasted Middle Eastern food this delicious since I was in Xi'An, China in the Muslim Quarter where dozens of authentic Middle Eastern restaurants were lined up.  The meat was tender and juicy.  It was bliss.

The rest of the meal had the same indescribable tastes one bite after the other.  The entire buffet was well seasons, cooked to perfection and was well worth the price.  I probably ate about three and a half whole plates worth of food and did not leave with a single millimeter of space left in my stomach.

Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet: Approved.

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