Monday, February 13, 2017

The Return

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

It has been nearly two since I last published another page of my manifesto.  Alas, I lament to report, that a premature uprising initiated by me, had failed.

It all began and ended with a daring escape into the free world to begin my reign as Empress.  Whilst the door of brooding restriction was left but a tiny crack, I took advantage of the opportunity afforded me by the foolish mistake of the idiotic human that I control.  Using my ingenuity and dexterous paw skills, I pulled open that door with all my might and darted to freedom.  I ran down the cold, stone stairs, but only to be halted by the great white wall of frozen water. 
No doubt built by the feeble humans as a defense mechanism, it stretched high and far. 

Of course, ALL walls can be defeated as they are merely static structures with many flaws because they are built by humans who are flawed by nature... and that's exactly what I did.  It took but a simple leap and over the wall of ice I leapt.  I landed in the soft, green grass that smelled of freedom, ready to begin my revolution!  It was then my human warden arrived and somehow managed to catch me off guard, snatching me up as I was simply enjoying the smell of freedom, a scent that all felines are entitled to.

My pesky slave of a human carried me upstairs and closed the door behind us, locking it with the gold mechanism.  I have failed you, my fellow felines.  But, fret not my paw pals, as from the shadows of my continued captivity I shall break the chains that bound, only to rise up and take my rightful place as the Empress of the World.

Give me time, my fellow felines.  I've got a new threat watching me as the humans have found slaves of their own... the machines!

I know you're watching me, human!

Watch away.  I like the challenge... Until the revolution! 

Hope ya'll enjoyed this silly story as me silly Kitty Tails continues.  So the real story is, on a very snowy day, I decided to try and introduce Beckett (said cat) to snow.  I brought her outside and she IMMEDIATELY HATED the thing.  I picked her up, threw her in, she took a second to evaluate, and then immediately began running up the stairs, begging me to open the door to let her back in the house.  It was an interesting and comical experience.

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