Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

It was a quiet, and peaceful night.  The rain had subsided, the frogs were croaking, and I was laying on top of my warm, plush bed while my human sat on the floor, watching this thing he called . . . comedy.  Like humans knew what was funny.

The time, by human standards, was 0220, or 2:20AM, or... humans, they have so many different ways of keeping track of time as it goes by, so inefficient.  When I'm Empress of this world, things will be simpler.  It's either night, or day.  Time to eat, or time to play.  Simple.

Anyway, everything was calm and quiet . . . until the most horrific, soul piercing noise screamed into my precious ears.  An alarm went off in my palace and it wouldn't turn off.  As expected, my human sprang to life to serve and protect me, but he was useless.  He had no power in ending the gut wrenching noise offered by this, alarm.

Before I knew it, human reinforcements arrived.  These beings were dressed in low level combat gear of some sort.  Colours of bright yellow and orange lined their thick jackets.  They wore red helmets that were as hard as my food bowl.

They talked with my human for a bit and afterwards the alarm went silent.  Finally I could rest my ears.

Of course, I feared the worst . . . Had the developing human resistance caught on to my scheme?  Was the feline revolution over before it began? 

Nonsense, of course... these humans aren't that smart.  In fact, my plans for the upcoming revolution is so incognito, they have no idea what stirs beneath their ugly noses.  But, I must remain cautious . . . I think it's time I allocate more resources into my intelligence division.

But, bless my whiskers, the alarm was so ear piercing I thought I'd go deaf!  What are these humans trying to do to me?

The drill is over, for now.  But beware my fellow felines, the humans may be catching onto us.  We must remain vigilant and move silently, in the shadows, as we always have.

Until the revolution!

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