Sunday, December 8, 2013

Almost Crushed -_-

The Kitty Tails: A Cat's Blog

So I had a close call today... I decided to snuggle up inside my 

long throne, I think the humans call it a sofa?

Anyway, there was a comfortable blanket over it and I decided to 

crawl underneath, I like the night.  Well, 

the fat man came out from his electronic room where voices 

spilled through the shiny screen, and decided to

have a seat, almost crushing me!  Bless my whiskers I'm still 

alive, just by the hairball in my tummy.  I hissed 

at my personal slave and demanded more food for compensation...

So I waited, till he fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV.

  I jumped up on the sofa and just stared at him,

long and hard.  He woke up and looked confused.  I think it made 

him nervous, but I wanted some treats.

But anyway, yes, close call... couldn't let the leader of the 

feline revolution and future Empress of the Cats be

disposed of in such a fashion.  I will have to teach my human 

slave a thing or two about my space!

Short post, but until next time my faithful, fellow felines . . .

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