Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 3: MGM Grand's Rainforest Cafe

While staying at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, I've gotten very little sleep.  However, the bed was so comfortable, I felt refreshed every morning.  Or it could've just been due to the fact that I was on vacation.  It's truly an enigma at how much energy one has when they're trying to relax, eh?

Back to waking up in the comfortable bed in the spacious room at the MGM.  It was early, about 7:AM, and the bracelet had already expired.  So I figured, I'm staying at the MGM, why not eat at the MGM?

I wasn't feeling the buffet, that's for a later post.  However, they have this pleasant little theme restaurant called the Rainforest Cafe.

Approaching the restaurant, you have to walk through a small gift shop that features an animatronic alligator that does its little movements here and there, with a little rawr.

The moment you step into the line, waiting to be seated, you can hear the sound of rain and a waterfall.  Listen closer you are able to pick up the ambient sounds of chirps and gawks of tropical birds.  Of course, all the animal sounds are manufactured by the sound booth, but it is pleasant to hear birds chirping while enjoying your morning breakfast.

I was seated next to the rainmaker, I'm calling it that temporarily because I don't know what else to call it.  All it is, is a pipe that dribbles water onto a decorative wood pallet that quietly goes down a drain, mimicking the sound of rain.  It was very pleasant.

But the main attraction, for me, was the food.  Off the breakfast menu, being breakfast time, I ordered something, forgot what it was called, but it's basically the traditional breakfast sampler.  Eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, and hash browns.  Throw in a large glass of orange juice, I was set to go.

I ordered my eggs over-easy this time around, and it's how I usually like it.  First thing I did was take the diagonally sliced piece of toast and break the egg yoke.  I soaked up the bread and took my first bite, delicious.  Of course, that's just yoke and toast, something I particularly liked and found tastes kind of the same everywhere.  So the real taste test was in the rest of the food.

Let's start with the hash browns that were cooked to a perfect golden crisp and seasoned with just enough salt and pepper and some other things that brought out the flavour of the dish without diminishing the taste of shredded potatoes or having it overpower the entire meal.  Next I sliced into the sausage.  Like I've mentioned before, it's hard for me to enjoy a breakfast sausage these days, they just don't have that enjoyable flavour for me.  However, this sausage was tasty.  It was juicy, tender and not burnt.  The spices stood out and was far from being dull.

Finally the bacon.  I hate to be so blunt, but bacon is bacon and this bacon was cooked perfectly.  Wasn't too burnt, wasn't too flaccid and it tasted like bacon should have.

On the service note, the waitress did a very good job.  She provided the right amount of service, coming and going, although she did catch me midway through a bite when she asked how my meal was, but let's face it, that's expected.  So far, there have been only one waiter and two waitresses who, in my opinion, have achieved the rank, title, prestige, whatever you want to call it, as the PERFECT Server.

Overall, the meal mixed in with the environment of the Rainforest cafe made the dining experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

MGM Grand's Rainforest Cafe:  Approved

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